Cohousing Talk this Friday with Betsy Morris and Raines Cohen

Join us this Friday night for an evening of questions, dialog and exploration of the complex issues in established and emerging communities:

Betsy Morris and Raines Cohen - photo from East Bay Cohousing

The Cohousing Experience: An Evening of Exploration
with Raines Cohen and Betsy Morris
at 7:30 pm
this Friday, December 10th 2010
Los Angeles Eco-Village, 117 Bimini Place, L.A. 90004
Suggested donation:  $7 (sliding scale ok)
Reservations requested:  crsp [at]  or (213)738-1254

Raines Cohen has visited over 100 cohousing neighborhoods.  He is a board member of the Fellowship for Intentional Community.  Betsy Morris has served as Research Director for the Cohousing Association of the United States.  Together, they advocate for cohousing and intentional community formation in the San Francisco Bay Area, including working with Cohousing California and East Bay Cohousing. Raines wrote the chapter Aging in Community in the book Audacious Aging.


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