Video: LA Eco Village: self-reliance in car-free urban homestead

This half hour video filmed by Johnny Sanphillippo  (his blog at Granola Shotgun) is a great little tour of our Eco-Village.  The video had 15000 views in the first 5 days (and climbing) and there are a ton of comments on YouTube (that are perhaps worth checking out).     Check out other popular videos by on Kirsten’s youtube channel.

Also, thanks to our very inspiring friends at RootSimple for sharing this video on their website.  Johnny also made a fantastic video about them that you should go watch right now.


Renovating playgrounds for L.A. toddlers

We are super proud of local resident Dore Burry for the work he’s been accomplishing with the L.A. Conservation Corps. Their Tot Parks and Trails program upgrades dilapidated spaces and underused sections of existing parks, focusing on the needs of zero-to-five year olds.   This article celebrates the opening of their 6th park in L.A. County at Bellflower’s Thompson Park.  Way to go Dore!