Jimmy Lizama on the Los Angeles Times, a Covid tour of Downtown L.A.

(Photo by Luis Sinco / Los Angeles Times)

This article by Thomas Curwen is called Coronavirus has turned once-bustling downtown L.A. into a ghost town. Can it recover? And it’s structured by following Jimmy as he works as a bike messenger and taking detours into other business and downtown residents. It’s a slice of the life we are living in the middle of a pandemic.

Video: LA Eco Village: self-reliance in car-free urban homestead

This half hour video filmed by Johnny Sanphillippo  (his blog at Granola Shotgun) is a great little tour of our Eco-Village.  The video had 15000 views in the first 5 days (and climbing) and there are a ton of comments on YouTube (that are perhaps worth checking out).     Check out other popular videos by faircompanies.com on Kirsten’s youtube channel.

Also, thanks to our very inspiring friends at RootSimple for sharing this video on their website.  Johnny also made a fantastic video about them that you should go watch right now.


Renovating playgrounds for L.A. toddlers

We are super proud of local resident Dore Burry for the work he’s been accomplishing with the L.A. Conservation Corps. Their Tot Parks and Trails program upgrades dilapidated spaces and underused sections of existing parks, focusing on the needs of zero-to-five year olds.   This article celebrates the opening of their 6th park in L.A. County at Bellflower’s Thompson Park.  Way to go Dore!

A decade in green links

Green Links

Well, almost a decade.  Here is a chronological collection of links to articles or content that feature the Los Angeles Eco-Village or some of its members, carefully collected by Lois Arkin.

The Jewish Journal features Lois Arkin (one of the L.A Eco-Village founders)

The Eco-Village has been a crossroads for a number of activists in Los Angeles, this LA weekly article traces the birth of Ciclavia as it relates  to this place:

An interview with Joe Linton, artist and activist:

Chris Carlsson visits Los Angeles and this is a great post that highlights the people and places that he visited. This would be a good read if you are planning on coming to L.A. and would like to see the other side of the coin.

This is a PDF (warning!) of a Power Point presentation by the Affordable Housing Energy Efficiency Alliance on energy efficiency design. We are featured as a case study.

Indymedia’s coverage of the the struggle with LAUSD over nearby land use that would affect our area:

A short article on cohousing by Cassandra Lizaire

Lois Arkin interview by the Center for Oral History Research at UCLA. (sound files with synopsis)

Joe Linton interview by the Center for Oral History Research at UCLA. (sound files with synopsis)

Short article about the growing pains of ecovillages around the world:

Communes and intentional communities by Dean Schabner:

Radio interview and transcript by Living on Earth:

L.A. Times Article:

Flemming Funch recounts an inspiring visit to the L.A Eco-Village:

Worldwatch Institute talks about L.A Eco-Village

Worldwatch Institute talks about L.A Eco-Village

In my own travels to ecovillages, I saw the potential of this broader influence especially in places like the Los Angeles Ecovillage, nestled right in the heart of LA, offering both affordable housing and community to environmentalists but also serving as a hub of local eco-activism—from helping to commission a local park that processed street run-off water to organizing events to get mayoral candidates to declare their green credentials and commitments publicly.

EcoVillage, Linton, and Arkin Featured in Bike Profile Article

One facet of L.A. bike culture is CicLAvia - this Gary Leonard photo is from April 2011. CicLAvia returns this Sunday October 9th 2011.

There’s a new article A big wheel in L.A.’s bike world up at County Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky’s website that profiles some of L.A.’s bicycling movements, and features Los Angeles Eco-Village, CicLAvia, Lois Arkin, and Joe Linton. Here’s the article’s intro:

If there’s a geographic birthplace for Los Angeles’ burgeoning bicycle culture, it’s Eco-Village, the cooperative living compound tucked away on an East Hollywood side street and home to many of the activists who over the past 15 years have sparked an improbable cycling revolution in this most car-loving of cities.

Read the full story here.