California Bicycle Coalition visits Long Beach

It’s bike month! For most eco-villagers, of course, bike month is every month… but May includes fun stuff like Bike-to-Work-Week, the Blessing of the Bikes, and yesterday’s California Bicycle Coalition Fundraiser & Bikestation Preview in Long Beach.

Dave Snyder telling it like it is

The California Bicycle Coalition is a statewide bike advocacy organization, working mostly in Sacramento. If you bike, please consider making a donation to support their work.

California Bicycle Coalition’s new executive director is Dave Snyder – a sharp and savvy long-term bike activist, formerly head of the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition. His presence at the helm of the CBC gives me a lot of confidence in the future of the organization. Continue reading


Some Good Bicycle Parking News – Bike Corrals in Long Beach

Southern California's first bicycle corral - in Downtown Long Beach

Well, it’s been covered in a few places, but yesterday, I got a chance to check out Long Beach’s still-kinda-new bike corral. A bike corral is a bike parking facility that generally takes away one car-parking space to provide about a dozen bicycle parking spaces. Continue reading

Lovely Long Beach Bike Lanes

Yuki pedaling along on Second Street in Long Beach

Yuki, Federico and I took the Metro Blue Line down to Long Beach today. Mainly we were there to visit Long Beach’s Depot for Creative Re-Use, which is a cool place, and which we’ll blog about soon, and which may well serve as a inspiration and template for a future creative re-use space in our eco-village neighborhood… but I wanted to do a short blog entry showing off Long Beach’s wonderful green sharrow bike lanes.

Continue reading