Loose Chicken

Chicken on the front fence

Sometimes, despite our best efforts, our chickens get loose. This one was out all weekend, I’m told. I was able to catch her as she roosted in the loquat tree at dusk yesterday.

Cute New Chicks at Eco-Village!

Hens and Chicks in their coop

Hens and Chicks in their coop

Our roosters and hens have done it again. They hatched five new baby chicks last week. You can see three of them in the middle right of the picture above. I’d encourage someone with a real camera (instead of a wimpy cell-phone camera like mine) to take and post some pics of our good looking roosters and hens.

At LAEV we keep about a dozen bantam chickens. They eat our food waste and provide us with eggs. Most of us love them, but they’re somewhat controversial for a few reasons. They enjoy eating everything in sight, so they like to pick the garden bare. They can be loud. And, especially since the arrival of the first round of chicks, the roosters will chase and sometimes attack people – as seen in the video below.