How to Contribute

This blog is open for LA Eco-Village members and residents only.  If you would like to contribute regularly contact Yuki, Joe or federico to receive an invite.  If you are interested in posting only occasionally feel free to ask any of us to post your content.

Some recommendations:

Before you post keep a few things in mind:

  • This blog is one public face of the community so remember anyone out there can read it.  It’s in our best interest (and the planet after all) to be friendly and accessible so avoid excessive use of jargon or acronyms, and if you must, explain or link to more information.
  • Respect the privacy of other community members.  If you are going to post information about someone (like full names or pictures) check with them first, not after you have posted.   Even though we are a demonstration project and we want people to see what we do, each of us has the right to manage how much information about ourselves goes out into the world.
  • Remember that this blog has many authors, just as the community has multiple centers of initiative.  The viewpoints expressed on this blog represent only those of each individual writer, not necessarily any official viewpoint nor any broader consensus of the community. So feel free to use your own voice.
  • Short posts and one picture posts are great.  See what others have posted for inspiration.
  • Have fun!

4 thoughts on “How to Contribute

  1. Greetings LAEVers!

    I started a master’s thesis on LAEV years ago and ran into some conceptual speedbumps. I found the literature on globalization so top-heavy with postmodern rhetoric that I simply couldn’t bring myself to slog through it any longer. So, in my longing to give birth to something new, I decided to bring my love of Buddhism into the picture and came up with the idea of a Buddhist deconstruction of consumerism in LA-the prototypical city of consumerism. Seemed simple enough… that is, until I actually attempted it. Part I is finished – an historical geography of LA in light of the Three Poisons of Buddhism – Greed, ill-will, and delusion. Part II will confront the transformation of the three poisons into their opposites – generosity, compassion, and wisdom, using LAEV as the model of transformation. Cool, eh? I’ll make a collective analysis of this transformation, but I thought it would be great to invite all LAEV members to share their individual visions of how ecovillage life gives meaning to living an ecologically sustainable withing the three qualities – “How do you manifest generosity, compassion, wisdom in your EV daily life, choices, decisions?”

    I guess I’ll write a book on procrastination, as I will be well qualified on the subject, but sometimes good things take a while.


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