Bike Kitchen Ride to Visit Eco-Village

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On Saturday March 6th at 1pm, the Bicycle Kitchen is hosting their five year anniversary ride and potluck. The ride includes a stop at the Los Angeles Eco-Village, which is where the Bicycle Kitchen actually got started in 2001 – in the actual kitchen of unit #110. It was first started by Jimmy Lizama, and joined very early on by Ben Guzman and soon thereafter by a cast of dozens of volunteer cooks. You can see footage of that very eco-village kitchen, and learn about the L.A.’s bike co-ops by watching this excellent short Streetfilms documentary (in which Somer and I appear.)

We loved having the Kitchen here, but they ultimately outgrew the space. In 2005, they moved to their current location. The Kitchen is celebrating five years at Hel-Mel (that’s Heliotrope and Melrose) which wasn’t known as Hel-Mel until the Kitchen settled in and activated that area… which now includes Scoops, Orange 20, and Pure Luck and is a phenomenal nexus for huge numbers of L.A. bicyclists.

The Kitchen’s ride flier is beautifully drawn by Juliana “JP” Parr. Come on down and support your local bike co-op, see eco-village and wish the Kitchen at least five more wonderful years!

Eco-Village’s Jimmy Lizama appearing with David Byrne October 2nd

David Byrne's new book

David Byrne's new book

Eco-Villager “El Jimmy” Lizama will be appearing with David Byrne in a few weeks. The event is called Cities, Bicycles and the Future of Getting Around and is hosted by the L.A. Public Library’s ALOUD speakers series. It takes place on Friday October 2nd at 8pm at the Japan America Theater in Little Tokyo, Downtown L.A. Tickets are $25 and can be purchased on-line.

Jimmy Lizama is one of the folks who started the Bicycle Kitchen at an actual kitchen in Apartment #110 at Los Angeles Eco-Village. He’s a messenger, a wheel builder, an astonishingly good cook, and quite possibly the sexiest person who has ever lived at LAEV.

David Byrne is a musician bicyclist whom you’ve probably already heard of… right?  He has a new book out. Bicycle Diaries is all about his bicycling adventures in New York City and in various locations around the world.

Also on the panel is the city of L.A.’s bicycle coordinator Michelle Mowery. For more than a dozen years, Michelle has been in the trenches of the Los Angeles Department of Transportation’s bikeways division working to squeeze a few more feet of bikeways onto L.A.’s all too car-centric landscape.

Rounding out the panel is UCLA’s bicycling economics professor Don Shoup. Along with Bicycle Diaries, everyone should read Shoup’s book The High Cost of Free Parking! I can honestly say that Shoup’s writings have  changed my thinking about how we can re-shape cities to be more bike-friendly and more people-friendly and less resembling one huge barren ugly-assed parking lot.

Get your ticket now – before they sell out.