Flier for Camilo Otero Fundraiser – Saturday July 31st

Here’s the flier image for the July 31th 2010 Fundraiser!
Support Camili Otero
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Be there on Saturday July 31st 2010!
 Some more details at this earlier post!

L.A. Streetsblog Fundraiser at LAEV Friday April 9th

ok - so the flier I designed is way tooo dark!

If you live, breathe, walk, bike and/or work in greater Los Angeles, then you should read Los Angeles Streetsblog. It’s an invaluable resource on the latest news about green transportation and urban livability. It’s part of a larger network that makes positive change in cities throughout the nation. Take for example, this Streetfilm about Los Angeles Eco-Village, or this one on L.A.’s Bike Wrenching Co-ops (including the Bike Kitchen, which got its start at LAEV.)

And if you read L.A. Streetsblog, then you’ll want to come and support it. Ron Milam, Deborah Murphy, Ivy London, Julia Russell and I are hosting a fundraiser for L.A. Streetsblog coming up in two weeks – Friday April 9th 2010 to be exact. There are lots of details here; you can rsvp via facebook here – or just plan to show up. It’s a suggested donation $25, but it’s really pay-what-you-feel-moved-to.

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An Eco-Villager’s Office (in Griffith Park)

Many of us who live at the LA Eco-Village work for sustainability in various ways professionally – whether it be organizing for environmental justice organizations, installing solar power, restoring the LA River or advocating for better bicycle infrastructure, among many other things.  Many of us are also self-employed and all work in varied environments around town.

As a consultant, I spend much of my time facilitating meetings with various clients around town.  But when I’m not doing that, I often enjoy riding up to beautiful places like Griffith Park and working up there. I made this short video yesterday that gives a tour of one of my many office locations around town. Enjoy!