About This Blog

This is a blog about the Los Angeles Eco-Village.  The blog is intended to serve a few purposes:
– to document and showcase the surroundings and experiences that make the project possible.
– to stimulate discussions about aspects of the project.
– to share our stories with each other, neighbors and the rest of the world.

This blog has many authors, just as LAEV has multiple centers of initiative. The viewpoints expressed on this blog represent only those of each individual writer, not necessarily any official viewpoint nor any broader consensus of the community.

There are other websites and blogs about LAEV. For more information you could visit the following:

http://laecovillage.org – our original and oldest website managed by the non-profit Cooperative Resources and Services Project (CRSP.)

http://urbansoil.net – a wiki that we use to document with a lot more detail what we do, store documents and keep agreements and policies.

http://laevgarden.wordpress.com/ The L.A. Ecovillage Gardener’s Blog