A sun-drenched moment in time

Lois Arkin - Photo by Alex Brook Lynn

Lois Arkin – Photo by Alex Brook Lynn

This article written by Alex Brook Lynn and titled “A Stay At This Sun-Drenched, Eco Oasis In LA Is Cheaper Than A Hostel And More Peaceful, Too” features some beautiful photographs (also by her) and a very good description of todays Los Angeles Eco-Village. It’s really nice to get these snapshots that capture brief moments in time, moments that will pass as our project evolves. Thank you Alex!

Water Wise Home Book Event This Friday!

Eco-Villager Laura Allen signs her new book, The Water Wise Home: How to Conserve, Capture, and  Reuse Water in Your Home and Landscape. Details below!

New book! The Water-Wise Home by Laura Allen

New book! The Water-Wise Home by Laura Allen

Create Your Own Water-Wise Home and Landscape (book release event and presentation)

With simple plumbing alterations and smart landscape changes, every home has the potential to create a sustainable water supply with an ecologically productive landscape. From reusing greywater, to collecting rainwater, to installing waterless composting toilets, our collective efforts can transform our home water systems. Learn how you can transform your own home so it conserves and reuses our precious water resources, while growing a bountiful garden. This presentation will teach you how. It will also include national trends, codes and regulations, costs, health and safety considerations, and system examples.

Date: Friday, April 3rd

Time: 7:30pm book signing. You can bring or buy The Water-Wise Home: How to Conserve, Capture, and Reuse Water in Your Home and Landscape (Storey Press, 2015) $25 cash or check.

8:00pm Presentation
This event is free.

Venue: Los Angeles EcoVillage, 117 Bimini Place, Los Angeles, CA 90004

Being ruthless

I was letting these plants grow under the courtyard fig tree.  They had interesting foliage & tiny daisy type flowers – until – the flowers turned into a burr that disperses it’s seed on a sharp barb – porcupine style.  Now I’m encouraging everyone to pull it out & dispose of it in the green bin.IMG_4614IMG_4615IMG_4617  Anyone know it’s name?