Lovely Long Beach Bike Lanes

Yuki pedaling along on Second Street in Long Beach

Yuki, Federico and I took the Metro Blue Line down to Long Beach today. Mainly we were there to visit Long Beach’s Depot for Creative Re-Use, which is a cool place, and which we’ll blog about soon, and which may well serve as a inspiration and template for a future creative re-use space in our eco-village neighborhood… but I wanted to do a short blog entry showing off Long Beach’s wonderful green sharrow bike lanes.

I wrote about the green lanes in an earlier post at L.A. Streetsblog and they’re pretty prominent in this short Streetfilm documentary about Long Beach. They’re really wonderful. It’s a shared lane – bikes and cars… and the big green stripe just says to bicyclists: “you’re welcome and safe here” – and to drivers: “expect legitimate wonderful bicyclists here.”

Yuki and Federico on 2nd Street, they're on the green lane, but it's only visible in the distance, at the far side of the intersection

Go ride there! They’re in Belmont Shores on 2nd Street from Bay Shore Avenue to Livingston Drive.

3 thoughts on “Lovely Long Beach Bike Lanes

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