Action Alert for the Wilshire Bus-Only Lane Project

Bus-Only Lanes on Wilshire need your support - Illustration from Metro website

A lot of Eco-Village residents use the Wilshire bus lines to get to destinations in West L.A. and East L.A. – I know I do. The city of Los Angeles has been dragging its heels for many years working with Metro to implement the Wilshire Bus-Only Lane (BOL) Project. The project received federal funding and has been studied and studied and studied some more. Now, that it’s ready to be approved and go out for construction, a couple of groups in L.A.’s Westside are trying to get the project dismantled.

The Bus Riders Union, and many other groups are pushing back on this… and they’re asking for transit supporters to call and email Metro in advance of the Metro Board meeting this Thursday December 9th 2010. They’re also asking supporters to attend the meeting – December 9th at the 3rd floor board room, at Metro headquarters – at the east end of Union Station.

Below is the alert from the Bus Rider’s Union‘s Sunyoung Yang:


Dear members, friends, and allies:

MTA Director and Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky is ready to compromise the Wilshire Bus-Only Lanes project by caving to the demand of wealthy homeowners in Condo Canyon to remove their section of Wilshire from the BOL plan. Other groups of wealthy Westside residents have gotten word of this and gone on the offensive against the bus-only lanes project. If the Condo Canyon residents are successful, the domino effect of “Not In My Backyard” opponents could present major problems for this project moving forward. For the full story read here.

Take Action today!

We need to flood the MTA and the Mayor’s office with phone calls and emails today and tomorrow. The message is simple:
“I support the implementation of the complete Wilshire Bus-Only Lanes project with no exemption for Condo Canyon or any other part of Wilshire. The MTA must not cave to Condo Canyon residents or any other homeowners or car drivers standing in the way of public transit progress in LA.”

1. Call MTA staff at 213-922-2500 or send email at

2. Attend and speak at the MTA Board Meeting in support of the Full Implementation of the Wilshire Bus Only Lanes Project with NO exemptions – Thursday December 9th at 9:00am at MTA Headquarters. 
Sunyoung Yang
Clean Air Campaign Lead Organizer

For more information about the Wilshire Bus-Only Lanes Project, see the Bus Rider’s Union, L.A. Streetsblog, or Metro websites.


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