New Intersection Repair Street Mural

L.A. Eco-Village’s new intersection repair mural – finished mural photos: Joe LintonThanks to the hard work of lots of local residents and many people in town for Bike!Bike!, last weekend the community repainted the L.A. Eco-Village street mural at the intersection of Bimini Place and White House Place.

The street painting is inspired by a group called City Repair from Portland Oregon. They do intersection repair murals as part of to make crossroads places where people come together.

Eco-Village has done earlier intersection repair murals three times: in 2011 and 2009 and circa 2006. The mural gradually wears away and after a half-dozen years needs repainting. Lately  the city has resurfaced the local streets, erasing worn murals.

The new design includes lots of creatures – many of which live in this neighborhood now, or lived here before – riding bicycles. The central figure is a unicycle-riding three-headed chicken holding up the world; it’s the creation of an artist named Rafa.

Below are some photos from last Saturday’s painting party – plus some details of the finished mural.

Mural in progress – photo: Philip Armstrong

Joe and Maeve painting – photo: Lois Arkin

Ixcel and another young painter whose name I forget – photo: Lois Arkin

Australian bird painted by visiting cyclists – photo: Philip Armstrong

Kids hard at work – photo: Lois Arkin

Painting skunks on a cargo bike – photo: Philip Armstrong

Fish riding an undersea bike – photo: Philip Armstrong

Racoon on a unicycle – photo: Philip Armstrong

Mural nearly completed near the end of the day – photo: Gemma Lurie

Octopus riding a tandem

Wolf on a bike

Rattlesnake rider

Squirrel pulling a trailer

Skunks riding on a cargo bike


2 thoughts on “New Intersection Repair Street Mural

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  2. Hello, I live in the Grant Park neighborhood in Phoenix, Arizona. My wife and I attended Bike Bike and we’re at the eco-village when the Street Mural was being painted.
    We are also creating a Street Mural in our neighborhood. Can you tell me what brand paint did you use?

    Silverio Ontiveros

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