results of garden work party 12/15/ 18

participants: kurt, sam, irma carol

applied tanglefoot to all fruit trees: the initial application several months ago has worn off or attracted so much dirt it needed to be re-applied.  We’ve observed much smaller aphid infestations since the initial application has reduced the  ability of ants to protect the aphids & increased the possibility for natural aphid predators (ladybugs) to control the aphids with out being bitten by ants.

cleaned out greywater outlets for 105 & 106 and discovered that 104 has been disconnected.  Most of the outlets were buries & required considerable excavation to find the.

there is a proposal to make higher covers for the outlets to they are a few inches above ground level for outlets that are not in pathways.

scheduled garden work parties are 3rd sat. of each month with spontaneous acts of gardening in between.

meetings happen when there’s something needs discussion.

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