the avocados are coming!

i went on the roof today to check on the bees and i snapped a pic of the incoming crop of avocados.  i sure hope the squirrels leave some for us humans.


4 thoughts on “the avocados are coming!

  1. i am extremely jealous of you. store bought avocados are quite expensive and cannot match the fresh off the tree taste. so many of them. the photo remind me of my parents guava tree.

  2. hey federico, great pix. next time you go on the roof, could you venture an opinion about the potential of the avocados blocking the drain spouts. maybe coordinate with dale, and see at what point we are going to have to bring them down and/or do some tree trimming before the winter rains. of course, at a point where we’ll be sure they’ll ripen off the tree.


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