New Bike Lanes on San Pedro Street

Northbound bike lane on South San Pedro Street at 120th Street

More good bike news! The city of Los Angeles recently striped another 4/10ths of a mile of bike lanes. These are on South San Pedro Street from 115th to 120th Street, in South Los Angeles adjacent to the 105 Freeway. 


Start of the southbound San Pedro Street bike lane - at 115th Street

I mentioned these lanes in yesterday’s post about upcoming city bike lane projects. They were on the city’s June 2010 Bikeways Engineering Report as coming soon. I happened to notice that this stretch of San Pedro Street appeared on the Bureau of Street Services’ list of completed resurfacing projects for the week ending May 22nd, 2010… so I figured I should check them out. 

Though much shorter (for now), the San Pedro Street lanes are actually pretty similar to and located nearby to the recent Hoover Street bike lanes. They don’t appear on the city’s currently approved Bicycle Master Plan. They’re created by doing a 4-to-3 road diet: reducing four travel lanes to two travel lanes and a center turn lane. 

I didn’t see a lot of folks riding there yesterday (perhaps I should have chosen a time when not so many folks were watching the Lakers winning their championship), but I did get to check in with some of the locals and get their opinions on the new lanes. 

Deonte, Michael and Jay (left to right) smiling about the new San Pedro Street bike lanes

Deonte was pretty vocal that the lanes were brand new “like a week old.” Jay disagreed and asserted that they “maybe a month old.” Michael was pretty quiet. All three responded affirmatively to my question regarding whether they had bikes and would ride the new lanes.

7 thoughts on “New Bike Lanes on San Pedro Street

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