Bike Kitchen Ride to Visit Eco-Village

Click Flier Image to go to the Bike Kitchen blog where you can download a full size flier

On Saturday March 6th at 1pm, the Bicycle Kitchen is hosting their five year anniversary ride and potluck. The ride includes a stop at the Los Angeles Eco-Village, which is where the Bicycle Kitchen actually got started in 2001 – in the actual kitchen of unit #110. It was first started by Jimmy Lizama, and joined very early on by Ben Guzman and soon thereafter by a cast of dozens of volunteer cooks. You can see footage of that very eco-village kitchen, and learn about the L.A.’s bike co-ops by watching this excellent short Streetfilms documentary (in which Somer and I appear.)

We loved having the Kitchen here, but they ultimately outgrew the space. In 2005, they moved to their current location. The Kitchen is celebrating five years at Hel-Mel (that’s Heliotrope and Melrose) which wasn’t known as Hel-Mel until the Kitchen settled in and activated that area… which now includes Scoops, Orange 20, and Pure Luck and is a phenomenal nexus for huge numbers of L.A. bicyclists.

The Kitchen’s ride flier is beautifully drawn by Juliana “JP” Parr. Come on down and support your local bike co-op, see eco-village and wish the Kitchen at least five more wonderful years!


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