Mapping Transit Ridership around Eco-Village

Map of transit usage in Southern California. Star is L.A. Eco-Village. Source: Metro

I came across this transit-usage data-map at an article entitled A closer look at transit ridership around LA County at Metro’s inhouse blog. The map shows the levels of transit ridership in Southern California neighborhoods. I’ve added the star to show where Los Angeles Eco-Village is located. Note that the data is from the 2000 census – and it’s commute trips, not all trips. Continue reading


Google Maps now has bicycling directions

Thanks, as usual, to BoingBoing for the great news that Google has FINALLY implemented Cycling Directions. While it is far from perfect, it is clearly a major step in the right direction. Check out this example route from the LAEV neighborhood to UCLA. I would never actually take this route, but it is still FAR better than just taking Wilshire…