Monday Meeting Sketch

Sketch of November 21st 2011 LAEV meeting - click to make bigger

Here’s  a sketch I did at one L.A. Eco-Village’s monday night meetings last year. Eco-Villagers meet nearly every monday night all year… you can read about what goes on there in the meeting notes on our wiki.

This drawing is in my sketchbook number 60.


Mark Lakeman and Marisha Auerbach Talk – this Wednesday

City Repair inspired intersection mural painting at Los Angeles Eco-Village, March 2011, photo by Yuki Kidokoro. Click for larger image and article.

Tomorrow night, 7:30pm on Wednesday September 28th 2011 L.A. Eco-Village is excited to host the return of Portland City Repair visionaries! Mark Lakeman is one of the most inspiring speakers I’ve ever heard. Tomorrow both he and Marisha Auerbach will give a presentation on how City Repair engages communities, makes great places, and transforms intersections into crossroads. I highly recommend this talk! Full details after the jump.  Continue reading


L.A. Eco-Village is repairing its cob lizard bench on Sunday 8/21
from noon to 5.  If you are interested in natural building, take
this opportunity to observe and work with Ray Cirino, artist/inventor/
permaculturist, and mosaic artist, Lee Adams.  Ray
will be bringing his Sparky, the dragon pizza oven to the event so bring a pizza or pizza
toppings to enjoy from his very eco-friendly oven. AND, we'll also be
doing a partial street closing with music and dancing in the street.

Come and have fun, even if you don’t have time to help.
But if you do, here’s the help needed:

– Schlepping tables, chairs to the street and/or
– Traffic control (we will be closing off half the street) and/or
– Take a turn as pizza chef (this is really simple and training provided) and/or
– Bring acoustic musical instruments to make music in the street and/or
– Setting up shade canopies if needed and/or
– Staffing a sign-in and info table for Echo Park Time Bank and L.A. Eco-Village

Come for an hour, a few hours or the whole event. Time Dollars paid for how many hours you spend helping (for Echo Park Time Bank members

Note that Ray’s Dragon Pizza Oven is also available for events and parties.

Contact: Lois Arkin, 213/738-1254,
Location of event: 131 Bimini Place, LA 90004 (one block east of Vermont between First and Second Streets

Some Welcoming Small Public Spaces in San Francisco

Kids at play in San Francisco's popular 24th and York Mini-Park

At L.A. Eco-Village, we’re interested in public space, with some emphasis on how we can give less space to cars and more space to people. A few of the eco-village projects that touch on this include: seating areas (some call an outdoor living room) in our bulb-out, front yard gardens, the Bimini Slough Ecology Park, intersection repair murals and lots of bike activism.

I vacationed in San Francisco earlier this month and I checked out some of their efforts to reclaim public space. A few of these I tracked down specifically having heard about them and wanting to go see them… others I just happened upon. I’ve listed them in the order I encountered them, which doesn’t necessarily make any sense to anyone else. Overall I was impressed with how many folks are out using public space, including walking and bicycling… perhaps the weather had something to do with it (was sunny, clear, cool and a little windy) – all these places were very well-used!

Continue reading

Impressed at the Bresee Youth Film Festival

Award-winning young filmmakers at tonight's Youth Film Festival

I checked out the Youth Film Festival tonight hosted by the Bresee Foundation, which is located at the south end of the block where eco-village is. The festival was the 6th Annual Youth Film Festival on Social Justice. It featured 42 short films created by youth ages 14-19. The theme was Unhealthy L.A.? Is Los Angeles a healthy or unhealthy city for youth?  Continue reading

Music Event/Food Sat Night 5/7 from 6 to midnight

Sat., May 7, 2011 from 6 pm to midnight at L.A. Eco-Village

Music! Music! Music! Different kinds. Some loud! Some soft!
Bands Single performers Duos
Electronic. Amplified. Acoustic
Some you’ve heard of; some not.

Fundraiser for L.A. Eco-Villagers’ and Friends’ Burning Man Cafe
$5 to $20 sliding scale.

Cafe Negro at Burning Man provides FREE Cafecito Organico coffee and musical entertainment to Burning Man attendees.

Please help us do it again this year, and support local businesses and fair trade organic coffee!

6 to 9 pm:  BBQ
8 pm to midnight: Music:
The Atomic Bomb Audition, The Shirley Rolls, fitter, Thiago Winterstein, Dust4ngel, Astronovazz, Telematique and more

Dunkelbunt Brewery Beer available by donation.

No reservations required.

Ohaijoe’s Video of the Bike Gate

At the end of yesterday’s work party, my friend Joe Anthony shot this brief video, interviewing me, and showing off Eco-Village’s gate welded from bike parts. On the vid, I explain why it’s called and what it means to practice Multiple Centers of Initiative – which is also explained a bit here.

Thanks, Joe Anthony, for coming to work party, bringing friends, helping out painting and shooting the short vid!