look what the garden gave me for supper Jan 1!

  • 2 lbs sweet potatoes
  • collardsIMG_5176
  • chayote
  • oregano

all from a plot that gets no direct sun between Nov to Feb!  I harvested about 15 lbs of sweet potatoes from 3 plants.  I’m amazed that they grow in the shade and seem to mature in cool temperatures.  They don’t seem to need much water.

IMG_5072Their flowers were blooming Oct – Dec.

Check out the personality of this 4 pounder!  You can see that gramma is happy about it too!

no fossil fuels were harmed preparing this meal

chicken stuffed w/ lemon grass & yard long beeans, taro roots, rice pudding, zuccini bread in bana leaf wrap

chicken stuffed w/ lemon grass & yard long beeans, taro roots, rice pudding, zuccini bread in banana leaf wrapbaby zuccini "bread" yard long beansyard long beans

Clear skies from early morning inspired me to see how much food i could cook in the 2 sun-ovens today. 1. Heated 2 qts milk to make yogurt; 2. roasted 3 1/2 lb chicken stuffed with yard-long beans, oregano & lemon grass, resting on bed of lemon verbena & zucchini from garden ; 3. baked rice pudding (rice left-over from Chinese supper); 4. baked zucchini cornmeal “breads” wrapped in banana leaf from jimmy’s tree; 5. roasted taro roots. Between 9:30 – 4 pm.





zucchini batter: flour, cornmeal, raisins, cinnamon, nutmeg, zucchini, bp, bs, milk, ground flax seeds blended w/ water for egg sub.

Being ruthless

I was letting these plants grow under the courtyard fig tree.  They had interesting foliage & tiny daisy type flowers – until – the flowers turned into a burr that disperses it’s seed on a sharp barb – porcupine style.  Now I’m encouraging everyone to pull it out & dispose of it in the green bin.IMG_4614IMG_4615IMG_4617  Anyone know it’s name?

Lasagna compost is ready for planting

The magic begins here

Even though I do this several times a week, setting the conditions for kitchen waste to become fertile soil is still the most amazing transformation.

Jonas finishes this compost pit with a  layer of soil.

Jonas finishes this compost pit with a layer of soil.

We planted nightshades: tomatoes, peppers, tomatillos here last year, and it was cover-cropped with clover during the winter.  After another round of cover crops, how about some corn?  Will we get enough light? Not the best exposure, but let’s experiment

compost cover-cropped with flax & buckwheat

compost cover-cropped with flax & buckwheat

Now that I think about growing corn, i think i’ll toss in some lentils to boast the nitrogen in this cover-crop mix. I’m using “seeds” that we stock in the food lobby bulk room.

Visitors work in Ecovillage gardens

Visitors to the ecovillage are encouraged to help with our projects.


ernesto (visitor) and irma (member) dug holes for potatoes in composted lower level site.  Potatoes will alternate with sunflowers for an interesting visual, and clover cover-crops will protect the ground while everything is growing.


ellary planting fingerling potatoes (donated by george

ernesto practiced hilling potatoes using un- composted straw from the hot compost bins. the large leaf pale green (fuzzy) plant is mullein.  It will send up a stalk with yellow flowers that bees love


bulb out garden on Bimini.  revived by carol and irma last year; maintained by visitors: ellary, daniel, carla supervised by carol and watered by shaila.