Visitors work in Ecovillage gardens

Visitors to the ecovillage are encouraged to help with our projects.


ernesto (visitor) and irma (member) dug holes for potatoes in composted lower level site.  Potatoes will alternate with sunflowers for an interesting visual, and clover cover-crops will protect the ground while everything is growing.


ellary planting fingerling potatoes (donated by george

ernesto practiced hilling potatoes using un- composted straw from the hot compost bins. the large leaf pale green (fuzzy) plant is mullein.  It will send up a stalk with yellow flowers that bees love


bulb out garden on Bimini.  revived by carol and irma last year; maintained by visitors: ellary, daniel, carla supervised by carol and watered by shaila.



One thought on “Visitors work in Ecovillage gardens

  1. Thank you, Ernesto, Carla, Ellary, and Daniel for helping things grow during your visits. And thanks for posting, Carol!

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