Grand Opening for New Virgil Avenue Bike Lanes This Saturday

At one point in the protracted Bike Plan processes, the city of Los Angeles labeled the Virgil Avenue bike lanes as “infeasible.” Thanks to persistence from local cyclists, including Eco-Villagers, and leadership from then-Councilmember now-Mayor Eric Garcetti (special thanks to Garcetti’s deputy Marcel Porras), the city is now striping new bike lanes on Virgil Avenue from Santa Monica Boulevard to Melrose Avenue – just northeast of L.A. Eco-Village.

The new Virgil Avenue bike lanes connect to these recent bike lanes on Santa Monica Boulevard in East Hollywood

The new Virgil Avenue bike lanes connect to these recent bike lanes on Santa Monica Boulevard in East Hollywood

The new bike lanes are a road diet – reducing four car lanes to three – adding bike lanes and making the street safer for driving, walking and bicycling. They are beginning to build the East Hollywood portion of the city’s bicycle network by connecting to recent bike lanes on Santa Monica Boulevard and are very close to bike lanes on Myra and Sunset. You can ride the new Virgil lanes nearly from the Bicycle District to the new home of the Bicycle Kitchen. Woooot! Woooooooot!

Join now-Councilmember Mitch O’Farrell in celebrating the new bike lanes at their grand opening this Saturday January 18th at 9am at Sqirl, 720 N. Virgil.

Here’s the official announcement from City Councilmember O’Farrel’s office:

Please join Councilmember Mitch O’Farrell as we celebrate the newest bike lane project in the City of Los Angeles!

The new Virgil Village bike lane project stretches from Santa Monica Blvd. to Melrose Ave. and includes all new pavement and crosswalk striping, as well as removal of peak hour parking restrictions.

Saturday, Jan. 18
9 a.m.
at Sqirl
720 N. Virgil Ave.
East Hollywood, LA 90029

Ride your bike, enjoy a great cup of coffee or brunch, and meet Councilmember O’Farrell on Saturday morning. We look forward to seeing (and riding with) you!

If you have any questions, please call or email:

Gary Benjamin, Planning Deputy
gary.benjamin [at] lacity [dot] org
LA City Council District 13


5 thoughts on “Grand Opening for New Virgil Avenue Bike Lanes This Saturday

  1. Thanks for reporting on this! I haven’t found any information about the new lanes since I attended the community meeting. At that meeting, the community was hugely in support of the lanes, and the only complaint was that they didn’t go north to fountain or south past Melrose. The engineers were like “oh, yeah, that’s fine, the only obstacle to making them longer is money.” Now the work has been done, and they’ve re-paved and re-striped all the way to Fountain, but forgot the bike lanes between Santa Monica and Fountain. Instead it’s two lanes southbound, one lane northbound, plus the turn lane. Drivers going south become very confused when they find themselves driving in a bike lane!

  2. This was my route to work, not anymore since the road diet! Completely packed with traffic the whole way down every morning. Added 15 minutes onto my commute whether I sit in the traffic or find another route. Also, haven’t seen even ONE bike use it since it was done. Great idea! What a waste of time and money. Put this money into expanding the metro and then I’d have a choice to not drive my car to work. Can’t wear a suit for a 15 mile bike ride.

  3. @Commuter I’m sure the residents who live along Virgil are happy to not have you using their neighborhood as a shortcut anymore.

  4. nb, since you’re assuming that the residents are happy, I advise you to go to Virgil to observe the scene at anytime of the day. Since those impractical bicycle lanes have been painted, the avenue sees a continual traffic jam, Pollution has increased greatly, with the cars stopping and going constantly. And since no sensible bicycle rider (I am one them) would want to ride along a solid train of cars like this, wich makes Virgil ave a very stressful thoroughfare , this experiment is a total failure. I haven’t seen one bicycle , while commuting on that road 4 times a day, that’s 20 times a week!
    Taking my kids to school was a 10 mn relaxing ride. It just turn into an average of 22 minutes stressful ennoying ordeal . Congrats to the technocrat whom we owe this nonsense. I am sure he’s not a virgil ave user, for sure!!

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