potato & red wiggler compost update

IMG_3731Three potato plants in various growth stages that were planted in the first above ground compost site.  The site was ready for planting earlier than expected (6-8 weeks).  Potato seeds were then place at bottom of 9″ deep holes & barely covered with soil.  Lower left – new sprout.  Lower right – dirt filled in to ground level.  Background – hilled up.  For those not familiar with growing potatoes, covering the stem (hilling- up) with soil or organic material as the plant grows provides medium for roots to spread out, spuds to form and protects spuds from sunlight.

Re: composting.  Now that a significant red wiggler population has established itself in each of the above ground compost sites, I’ve begun transplanting some of the wigglers (and their composting allies) into the new compost sites.  Let’s see if that enhances the composting process.


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