Bride & Bombs

Good friends and Eco-Village residents Thiago and Nichole asked me to help make seed bombs as wedding favors for their upcoming nuptials. I was excited to get my hands dirty and make these green grenades. Seed bombs are a mixture of clay, compost and seeds, and are an easy and fun way of revegetating empty lots and neglected parkways. I thought it was a great idea for party favors, and one that reflected the awesomeness of the couple.

There are several great online resources, one particularly helpful site, especially for folks in the LA area, is the Los Angeles Guerrilla Gardening site. Many sites recommend mixing 5 parts clay, 3 parts compost and one part seeds. In order to increase the yield, I used the ratio of 5-5-1, using more compost, and it worked fine. You just need to make sure there’s enough clay to hold the balls together. Here’s a list of what I specifically used to make about 250 seed bombs.


10 lbs red clay powder
(approximately 22 cups)

Red clay powder was somewhat
hard to find. I bought this at
Echo Ceramics on Robertson.


22 cups compost

For obvious reasons, I chose
the compost without manure.
This one had a few small
sticks that we picked out as
we rolled the balls.


4 cups wildflower seeds

These were the most expensive item, at over $60.
In hindsight, I would have harvested seeds from my
very abundant California poppies earlier this Summer.
But for over 200 party favors, it’s not bad at all.


Making & Wrapping

After mixing all the ingredients in a 5-gallon bucket with some water, Irma, Aurisha and I rolled jawbreaker sized balls in the palm of our hands and left them out to dry.

The next day, Thiago, Becca and I wrapped the dry seed bombs in antique napkins collected by Nichole’s family, and tied them with string. They were ready to go!

Here they are in a lovely basket at the wedding.

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