New Bike Lanes on National Place in West L.A.

New bike lanes on National Place

Work took me west today. In addition to riding the excellent recent bike lanes on Main Street in Venice, I checked out the new lanes on National Place in West Los Angeles. 

As a person who doesn’t bike this area all that often, I confess that I can’t quite keep a good mental map of where National Boulevard, National Place, etc. start and re-start. It’s an area where the 1o Freeway, the Exposition rail line and more come together, and National does a sort of wiggle. Here’s a map showing the new lanes:

The bike lanes are 0.3 miles long… from the intersection where Westwood Boulevard meets both National Blvd and National Place – to the intersection where Overland Avenue meets both National Blvd and National Place.

I first heard them from this comment at L.A. Streetsblog, then they were listed at the LADOT website here.

There were plenty of bike commuters using the lanes today… but also quite a few folks walking in the street, because there are no sidewalks there.

I wondered why there were frequent pedestrians walking in the street... then I realized no sidewalks on this part of National Place

One thought on “New Bike Lanes on National Place in West L.A.

  1. I am so impressed (and glad) that you chase down all these bike lanes, which judging from the implementation pace, is getting tougher to do as the city installs more and more lanes. Can’t wait for York Blvd to be extended…. any word on whether it’ll continue the configuration West of Ave 55 or do the thing where it’s 2 motor vehicle lanes in one direction and 1 motor vehicle lane in the other?

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