Reader Input. One blog to rule them all?

Dear readers:

As some of you might know we also keep a Garden Weblog.  At this point some of the authors of the blog you are reading would like to stop maintaining that site and merge the content with this one.   The expected effect would be to have a single blog with more varied content.  If you are a follower of the garden blog and would like to keep on receiving garden only updates you could check the garden category only or even get the garden RSS feed only.

We recognize there are many types of blog readers and we are a bit undecided about this merger. Please leave your thoughts in the comments. Would you like to see more garden related content around here? Would the merger affect your reading habits? Say hi and tell us what you think.   Thanks!



2 thoughts on “Reader Input. One blog to rule them all?

  1. I don’t feel strongly either way… but I feel a bit like the garden blog came first, and so I’d be in favor of just leaving it as it is… but it’s ok either way.

    I worry that I post too much bike stuff here, so the LAEV blog doesn’t reflect as wide a range of LAEV stuff as it maybe should.

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