Visit where your food comes from

Nisha from Local to Global Life Works made this short interview with the folks from New Frontier Family Farm during a visit with the L.A food lobby people (a local food coop/food buyers club).   It’s really cool to see and hear the people that raise the things you eat.  Please visit Nisha’s original post to see more pictures and get the full scoop on the visit to the farm.   Thank you Nisha!


One thought on “Visit where your food comes from

  1. I was shocked when I heard this was happening, that the Food Lobby would be bringing these slaughtered animals to LAEV for consumption. Yeah, for those who engage in eating animals, this is certainly more humane than anything one would buy in most markets. I just feel sad about it. Eating “humanely” slaughtered animals is only an incremental step in changing the way we live. But the times call for radical changes. Going vegetarian/vegan isn’t even that radical anymore. For those who think they must have meat occasionally why not a restaurant that serves local and organic? Oh well, my two cents. Been wanting to get this off my mind for awhile.

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