Nerdy Halloween Traditions at Eco-Village

Somer as Jonny Green, Lois as a hen

If you don’t know us, this post might be a bit insider. It’s Halloween and the tradition that we do at a meeting each year is to dress up as each other. It ends up being a pretty silly meeting, where we’re often acting out each other’s roles, too. I am posting my mediocre cell phone pics of tonight’s meeting, and decoding who’s dressing up as whom. 

(and apologies to Aurisha, whose version of Jimmy showed up late after I took these photos. She won the best costume judging at the end of the meeting.)

Angel as Federico, Julio as Tomas, and Eric as Aurisha due in December

Carol as Suzi, Lara as the red chicken, Jonny as Randy

Josh as Becca, Yuki as Bobby, Ana Paula as Ana Paula

Heather as Josh, Federico as Angel, Josh as Becca

Ann as Ianne, Leslie as Leslie, Julio as Captain Jack


Bobby as Lois

and of course, stealing the show:

Joachin as teddy-bear


2 thoughts on “Nerdy Halloween Traditions at Eco-Village

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