EcoVillage, Linton, and Arkin Featured in Bike Profile Article

One facet of L.A. bike culture is CicLAvia - this Gary Leonard photo is from April 2011. CicLAvia returns this Sunday October 9th 2011.

There’s a new article A big wheel in L.A.’s bike world up at County Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky’s website that profiles some of L.A.’s bicycling movements, and features Los Angeles Eco-Village, CicLAvia, Lois Arkin, and Joe Linton. Here’s the article’s intro:

If there’s a geographic birthplace for Los Angeles’ burgeoning bicycle culture, it’s Eco-Village, the cooperative living compound tucked away on an East Hollywood side street and home to many of the activists who over the past 15 years have sparked an improbable cycling revolution in this most car-loving of cities.

Read the full story here.


One thought on “EcoVillage, Linton, and Arkin Featured in Bike Profile Article

  1. Hey Joe! My name’s Jordan, we met on the most recent Whirly girl ride. I was the white guy with the Bianchi frame (dunno if that’ll ring any bells). Anywho, I just so happened to google “permaculture LA” and click on the link for the Los Angeles Eco-Village. I couldn’t believe such a wonderful sounding place existing in my hometown! I always thought that was reserved for places like Humboldt or Santa Cruz. I’d like to sign up for a tour probably on the 15th to satisfy my curiosity and hopefully get some info/ideas about how to do it myself. hope to see you then! Have a wonderful day!

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