Sorry Bike Parking Example in Koreatown

While I was exploring the new 7th Street bike lanes, I came across this:

the improvisation dance that is bike parking

It’s another example (see this earlier post) of the sorry state of bike parking in Los Angeles. It’s the back side of a tall office building with its front on Wilshire Boulevard. Seven bikes parked on a fence. Note on the upper left corner: a multi-story parking garage… which probably cost, oh, six or seven orders of magnitude more than this fence did. 

Anecdotally, it does seem like a lot more folks are bicycling in L.A. this year… if only we put, oh, a thousandth of the amount of investment in bike stuff that we do in car stuff, we might actually get safe decent places to ride and park bikes.

By the way, here’s what’s immediately next to the makeshift bike parking:

yeh - just park yer bike over there on the fence by the dumpster

… and it didn’t smell too good on a hot August day. Time for a bike corral (or fifty?) on Wilshire?

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