Mikael Colville-Andersen on Bike Helmets

Watch this video and share it with drivers who think that bicyclists should wear a helmet.

I used to wear a helmet most of the time, but, over time, I’ve been wearing it less and less. I think that, as Colville-Andersen states, the more that bicycling is perceived to be easy and fun and safe, the more folks will ride. And the more folks riding, the safer it becomes. I think it’s important that folks see riding as something that we do in regular clothes (kinda like driving, walking, riding the bus, etc.) – no special shoes, no special lycra outfits, and no special headgear.


4 thoughts on “Mikael Colville-Andersen on Bike Helmets

  1. As a cyclist who rides on city streets I couldn’t disagree with this more. Risking my life and severe head trauma (which is the reality) in order to help people’s perceptions and promote cycling seems ludicrous and counter-productive to me. Cycling is dangerous. And car drivers wear seat belts nowadays, and for several decades. I recall when they didn’t. Lives and limbs were needlessly lost, and drivers suffering these results in themselves or loved ones often wished they’d elected to wear safety belts. To see cyclists behaving responsibly would imo cause car drivers and others to desire to cycle, to be aware and respectful of cycling, and to embrace it as normal as you describe here! I enthusiastically & wholeheartedly agree with the strong need to promote cycling, but at this expense and in this way! No way.

  2. I think the speaker may be confusing cause and correlation at times during his talk. I resent, as much as he does apparently, the culture of fear but the fact that you’re more likely to be injured because you’re wearing a helmet isn’t the helmet’s fault. If it is the helmet’s fault then he didn’t produce one fact to support that assertion –and that’s just the kind of fear mongering that the speaker derides.

    I can easily conclude that a wearer of a helmet has bought into a false sense of invulnerability because he wears one — and because of that, places himself into situations where the risk injury is far more likely. But that’s no reason not to wear a helmet. That’s reason to become a more responsible cyclist. No one I know believes that a little bit of plastic and styrofoam is going prevent an accident but almost all of them believe that if there is one the extent of that accident will be mitigated.

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