Mature Ficus Trees Felled on First and on Westmoreland

a former tree on First Street

The Los Angeles United School District is building a new school on what has historically been the Virgil Middle School playing fields. Those fields were recently relocated to a new site north of the school. The relocation and new construction are parts of a school project that initially proposed removing a great deal of housing in the eco-village neighborhood… but that’s another story.

Last week, as construction began, LAUSD removed about a dozen mature ficus trees along the sidewalk around the new school site. This includes large trees along the north side of First Street from Bimini to Westmoreland, and along the west side of Westmoreland Avenue from First to Council[edited 6/6/2011: and another half-dozen on Council Street, too].

The youth at Bresee Foundation created this video documenting the destruction of the trees. The vid features Los Angeles Eco-Village founder Lois Arkin. 

The tree stumps are pretty big… all painted bright orange right now.

some of the stumps along First Street

more stumps along Westmoreland Avenue

It’s hard to get a sense for the scale… they’re all 2.5-4 feet in diameter.

for scale, an Eco-Villager stands on one of the First Street stumps

Lois was unable to stop the felling of the trees, but did get the crews to give LAEV the mulch from the ground-up trees, which we’ll be spreading around eco-village areas.

large pile of ficus mulch in front of eco-village building at the corner of White House and Bimini



One thought on “Mature Ficus Trees Felled on First and on Westmoreland

  1. Great work on the video, Bresee students and Lois! I’m very sad about the trees- destroying them was senseless. Words can’t describe the loss.

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