Bike-Gate Painting Work Party This Saturday April 30 2011

What part of the gate looks like - primed and ready for color

Come on down and help paint Eco-Village’s sculptural bike gate! This Saturday April 30th 2011 from 10am until about 2-3pm. We spent a bunch of time welding the gate a while back, and have been painting it on and off for a year or so… and it’s looking pretty good, but needs a few conscientious creative volunteers to add color. All welcome – but plan to work – and wear clothes you can get paint on. At 10am it’s a potluck breakfast… then we paint! We may whip up an impromptu lunch too, at some point.

We call the gate “multiple centers of initiative” which is a wordy title… but it’s one eco-village concept that we practice (sometimes well, sometimes imperfectly.) Basically mutliple centers of initiative means that we’re not top-down, with all decisions bottlenecked into a single decision-maker or a small group of decision-makers. We encourage residents, in a transparent, open, caring and responsible way, to take initiative on projects that interest them – and try not to bog down too many projects in time-consuming processes.

The gate is abstract – just a mash-up of bike frames, forks, locks, rims, etc. – but it has a few centers. Each of the centers is a little different. One central one has rays emerging from it. Another is curvaceous, with curved bike parts circling and spiraling around it.

Come check it out, and help us finish it this Saturday. Facebook event here.

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