Talking with the Hombres of Bici Libre

I dropped by the Bici Libre space yesterday afternoon and did a couple of interviews. Bici Libre is the latest name for what was called the Bike Wrangler after it was previously called the Bike Acquisition Czar. The space is somewhat similar to the Bicycle Kitchen (if you’re completely unfamliar with the L.A. bike co-ops watch this Streetfilm), which started at L.A. Eco-Village… though Bici Libre has a specific mission to recover abandoned/donated bikes and make them available to low-income folks at risk for obesity.

Bici Libre run by two of the silliest eco-villagers: Jonny Green and Bobby Gadda. They work for the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition, in a program of the 6+ bike organization County Cycling Collaborative, which is a part of the County Public Health RENEW initiative.

Above is a brief interview with Gil Maldonado, a Bici Libre volunteer who was fixing up a bike today (sorry for my poor Spanish, and even poorer sub-titling.) Below is an interview with Bobby and Jonny.

Inside Bici Libre - left to right Bobby, Jonny and Gil

Bici Libre is located at 1205 West 6th Street, across from Good Samaritan Hospital (which hosts the annual Blessing of the Bikes – coming May 17th 2011 – and has been very supportive of the Bici Libre.) There’s no sign in front (I am told it’s on the way), but you can spot it from the kid’s bike in the window, and the brand spankin’ new bike parking racks out front.

Bici Libre is looking for volunteers, donated bikes, and a good old large table vise. If you can help out, email bobby [at] or jon [at]

The Bike Wra... er... Bici Libre storefront. Note the handsome new U-rack out front.

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