Posted on Green Building Blog

The Green Building blog wrote a nice informative post about us. it feels concise and to the point and it packs a fair amount of data. it’s a good “about us” link i wouldn’t mind having people read to get an idea of the project.

the pictures are cool too.   the colorful bits are in color and some of our sad, barren interiors are depicted in black and white making them seem stylish and even interesting.  nice trick.   in the picture to the left you can see the nice work my friend/neighbor Heather did as her window right and the urbanite table i blogged about recently next to the picture of the staircase in cool heavily contrasted black and white.   the picture betrays the reality of the stairs and their drab old pastel colors and in this i see the sharpness of the photographer because, not only does the post look good, also the plight of those spaces to be given back colorful life is portrayed.

only one thing will i correct from this article: they say there are plans for bees but instead we have reality.

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