Can sustainability be ego-driven?

Here is a very interesting 3 minute clip talking about why global warming is challenging to motivate people to care about, and why the Prius succeeded:


One thought on “Can sustainability be ego-driven?

  1. This talk is very much worth watching… I completely agree that global warming – as an issue – is something that’s pretty much designed for people not to care… and that we need to sort of trick people into caring.

    Unfortunately the Prius as an environmental solution is close to worthless. Cars’ environmental and social ills are numerous and just doubling gas mileage is pretty much a negligible benefit – one very very tiny step in the right direction. So I worry that Prius-environmentalism is sort of a hoax or a trap – spend money on an expensive car and feel that you’re making a difference on the enivronment… when you’re not.

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