Photos from Boishakhi Mela 1417

Lots of yummy Bengladeshi food booths. These women were selling sweet pastries. My favorites were ones with coconut filling.

Apologies for my meager cell phone photos which don’t quite capture the vivid visuals of this great event. Last weekend was the annual Bangladeshi New Year celebration – Boishakhi Mela 1417. Eco-village blog previewed the event here.

As a tall American of mostly German ancestry, I felt very much like an outsider at an event with a couple thousand folks from Bengladesh and probably less than a couple dozen non-Bengladeshis. There were a few gabachos (like me) and a few Latinos and Koreans who were also enjoying checking things out. 

People were very friendly and welcoming… but I nonetheless felt a bit self-conscious… and though there were a lot of beautifully dressed women of all ages wearing traditional garb, I didn’t get that many photos, because I felt like it might be unwelcome for me to interrupt folks and ask them if they would pose for me. Next year perhaps I should bring a better camera.

It's interesting to see Bengladeshi youth in various clothing from more traditional to more western.

There was a small explosion/fire at one of the food booths. LA Fire Department came and helped out one woman who appeared to have minor injuries.


3 thoughts on “Photos from Boishakhi Mela 1417

  1. Very well written article with full information. Thank you for sharing this great info. It’s nice to know and read about this stuff. I would definitely try to attend this year’s Mela

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