Rock the Boat Film Screening This Friday

The critics are raving about Rock the Boat!
 Now playing 7:30pm Friday May 21st at L.A. Eco-Village!

“Wet and Wild”
Landscape Architects Anonymous

“Spectacular … best movie we’ve seen in a long time”
Concrete Contractors Association Newsletter

“Towards a fishable, swimmable, boatable Los Angeles River”
Friends of the Los Angeles River

“Great coverage of some of our favorite viaducts of yesteryear”
American Bridgebuilder

“Indicate the design flow rate of the treatment plant (i.e., the wastewater flow rate that the plant was built to handle). Also provide the
average daily flow rate and maximum daily flow rate for each of the last three years.”
Southern California Regional Water Quality Control Board

“Who signed off on that filming permit?!?!”
United States Army Corps of Engineers

Kayakers Descend the Mighty Los Angeles - photo: LAist

Watch the Preview
More info about Friday’s Screening at L.A. Creek Freak or Facebook



2 thoughts on “Rock the Boat Film Screening This Friday

  1. wow. that is really funny. is that all you, Joe? it sounds like fantastic Joe humor.
    i wish i could be there.

  2. that’s me… I am glad you thought it was funny. I thought it would be a great idea, then when I sat down to write it didn’t seem to be as funny on the screen as it was in my head.

    The screening was fun – about 50 people!

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