a taste of Hardcore Punk

this really took me by surprise.   last weekend we had an event called Eco-Maya and some bands came over and played in our lobby.   it wasn’t organized by ecovillagers but some of us were very amused by the sudden and unexpected transformation of our normally tame space into a sort of mini venue.  there were several bands ranging from 50’s rock and roll to 80’s heavy metal.  and of course some punk and death metallish bands.  not everyone enjoyed the stacks of amplifiers vibrating the hell out of their apartments but a lot of people had a pretty good time.


3 thoughts on “a taste of Hardcore Punk

  1. Oh my. Those poor poor fish (on the right, behind the tripod), being exposed to such soul-crushing METAL!!!!!

  2. It was awesome… but only because I had nothing I wanted to get done at home that day! Except enjoy the insanity! How did the fish fare, I wonder?

  3. yes, it was sweet sight. i never thought i’d see a pit in the lobby. i was excited. i was watching the fish, who seemed to be quite mellow about the whole thing. either that or terrified to the point of paralysis…

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