Brian Watt visits our Eco-Village in L.A.

dead radio

So the radio to the left might be dead but Radio Radio is not.  Here is a piece produced by Brian Watts for the Tavis Smiley Show, which airs Friday nights on KPCC.  If you visit the site you can hear the streaming audio or you can download an mp3 (and this explains, partly why radio is not dead, yet).

It features a few local Eco villagers and it really is a nice little snapshot of current events.  You can hear our dear Lois saying things like “Cool and groovy” and Jimmy talking about the greywater bathtub he is building.

It’s not too long, enough to be done halfway through your lunch, and it’s optimistic enough that you may utter things like hurra! and yay! Although, remember, it’s just a snapshot and it couldn’t possibly tell the whole story.


One thought on “Brian Watt visits our Eco-Village in L.A.

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