Telematique Ensemble Creates Rideable Art Installatation

This past Sunday, I got the chance to ride a piece of artwork that’s the collaboration of a handful of eco-villagers. It’s not everyday I get to ride a piece of artwork; nor one this excellent!

View from the pedi-cab seat. Somer on cello on the left. Aurisha on violin on the right.

The artwork is billed as follows:

The City Re-Emerged When We Arrived
A multi-media event by Telematique Ensemble: Aurisha Smolarski, Doran McGee, Somerset Waters and Federico Tobon

Through the use of live video imaging and live interactive music, participants will go on a visual and auditory journey through Los Angeles from past to present to a potential future. The once vital Los Angeles was a city boasting of sustainable landscape, that has since been taken over by the motor vehicle and concrete landscape. Through the use of sustainable transportation, the bicycle, participants will experience the re-evolution towards a more lush green, more livable environment.

Audience participation is required!

In a darkened gallery room, there’s a pedi-cab hooked up to a film projector. One person pedals while two people sit in the rear of the cab. The pedaling cadence has been hooked up electronically to set the pace of the film. If one pedals quickly, the film speeds up; one can stop or even pedal backwards and the film follows suit. Telematique play a piece live that does the same cadence trick live. Somer and Aurisha, on cello and violin respectively, slow and stop and even reverse depending on the speed of the pedaling.  

Eco-villager Randy Metz gives the piece a spin, audience members look on.

In the back of the room, eco-villager Doran McGee is at the computer layering in images over the base video. The video projection featured various images of Los Angeles history, traffic, gardens, bicycling and more. It included some places that eco-villagers are very familiar with including gardens in our front yards and courtyard. 

Doran McGee at the keyboard

Not physically present was the fourth ensemble member, eco-villager Federico Tobon, who did the programming to get the bicycle to advance the video. He writes some about his artwork and his electronic hack mischief at eeio.

Unfortunately, the piece had a short run that ended yesterday. Hopefully it will be reprieved soon!

Update: eco-villager Adonia Lugo also reviewed the piece here.


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