LAEV Article at Shareable

Photo of LAEV's Bike Room - from Shareable

The website Shareable has a new article about Los Angeles Eco-Village. It’s by Danielle Davis, and the title is Happy Together? It features LAEV and another local intentional community called Synchronicity Los Angeles. Here’s an excerpt, go to Shareable for the full article

Living in community, while it may pose unique challenges, never fails to inspire. In fact, dreamed up and fleshed out projects are make the Eco-Village so charming. Like spokes of a bike wheel, everyone is contributing his or her own unique part to make the thing go.
There are also plenty of activities that spring up spontaneously. On a typical day residents may ride bikes together, take the subway to the farmers’ market, mulch, give a passerby starter plants, attend an event, or pick produce to make a salad before heading off to the potluck.
There, Joe recounts how “conversation goes from open-source mapping applications to permaculture to how we might build an outdoor oven.”
It reminded me of a college dorm in terms of aesthetic—the dimly lit hallways, community room complete with kitchen and mismatched furniture and a Nikki McClure print on the wall—and in terms of lifestyle. Joe concurs: “Maybe it’s a little like a college dormitory—or maybe a small town…. people know most of their neighbors and interact with them socially.”


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