Finally Finishing the Second Garden Bed in the Front Bulbout

Bobby and Josh resting on our laurels

Thanks to great work by Bobby and Josh today, and lunch provided by Zoe, we finally finished building the second planter bed at the north end of the bulbout in front of Los Angeles Eco-Village. There’s background on the bulbout and before pictures here, and a post on our first completed raised bed thereon.

More pictures and description follows.

Here’s a shot of the overall bed. It’s built out of urbanite. The planter walls double as benches. There’s a half-circle bench area so folks can sit and face eachother. It’s intended to be a sort of outdoor living room – a place where people can hang out together in public space.

Bobby watering the finished project

I am embarrased to admit that we got started on this bed in the beginning of the summer of 2009. It was about two-thirds done by August… then it has been sitting incomplete for many months.

We planted artichokes, onions, Santa Barbara Daisy, and, of course, plenty of yarrow.

Artichoke plants visible in the foreground

I was happy that we incorporated an old cracked concrete utility box – near the middle of the street side wall.

The utility box is shown in the middle of this picture. It's been planted with Santa Barbara Daisy.

Unfortunately, one problem with these beds is that people frequently steal plants from them. Whole artichoke plants, lavender, and other plants were uprooted and gone from the bed in the other end of the bulbout… so it hasn’t been the best place for growing anything at all precious. It’s even more up for grabs than basic front-yard gardening. In fact, so many plants have been taken that I’ve been thinking it might make sense to just put a box out with free plants. We could write “Free Plants” on it in a few languages. What hasn’t disappeared are the mint, thyme, Santa Barbara Daisy, yarrow, and one cardoon (which I think survived because it was too small and not vigorous enough to steal.)

We’ll experiment and see what works in the new bed. I am mostly grateful that it’s finished and looking good.

(This thrilling post has twice the usual dose of thrills as it has been cross-posted here and at the LAEV garden blog!)

8 thoughts on “Finally Finishing the Second Garden Bed in the Front Bulbout

  1. it’s so good that people are realizing they need plants to grow.
    It’s too bad it’s been a pain for your work out there.
    it looks great, I’m psyched you used the long bench piece of concrete.

  2. @Yuki, Adonia, Jocelyn: yay – the eco-village out-of-town correspondents weigh in! glad we could send visuals, and looking forward to you all getting back to here safely.

    @Somer – yah – we used some of the nicest biggest pieces, ones than not even I lift by myself. Part of me is frustrated when plants are stolen… but, like you suggest, it’s good that these plants are out there in the world growing, likely providing sustenance for someone who needs it even more than I do.

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