Tues Jan 19th Deadline to Run for Rampart Village Neighborhood Council

Map of Rampart Village Neighborhood Council boundaries - limits are Vermont Avenue, 101 Freeway, Rampart Boulevard, and 6th Street

Los Angeles Eco-Village is located in the Rampart Village Neighborhood Council. Neighborhood Councils are the city of Los Angeles’ official elected bodies that oversee some matters at a neighborhood scale. Each “NC” has a budget of $40,000-50,000 that we decide how to spend for our community. NC’s are overseen by the city’s Department of Neighborhood Empowerment, though NC elections are overseen by the City Clerk.

For the last couple years, I’ve been an elected official – a boardmember of the Rampart Village Neighborhood Council. I can admit here that I haven’t been the most responsible member… I haven’t always showed up to our monthly meetings – meetings which take place on the third Tuesday of each month at 6pm at St. Anne’s – a local non-profit health care provider, located at 155 N. Occidental Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90026. There’s a meeting there tomorrow night; on the agenda is City of Lites, CicLAvia, and 4th Street Bicycle Boulevard (though it’s very uncommon for us to have this many bike issues.)

Every couple years NC seats are up for election. As it turns out, due to new city election procedures, all of the people serving on the RVNC are up for election this year. The election takes place March 20th 2010.

If you’re a stakeholder in our community – ie: if you live, work, shop, or are involved within our boundaries – shown above – you can run to be a RVNC boardmember. The deadline for applying is tomorrow – Tuesday January 19th 2010. It appears that the candidate form on-line here (page 2 of a 17-page pdf document) must be printed out, filled in and turned in to L.A. City Hall.

If you don’t get a candidate form turned in by tomorrow, you can still turn in a form to be a write-in candidate. Last time I got something like less than 60 votes to win my position… so being a write-in is very viable.

If folks have questions about the process, feel free to ask questions in the comments, and I will try to respond.

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