One agreement, Twenty-seven Words

i’m pretty happy with this agreement we crafted at a recent meeting.  we wanted to keep it short and simple and someone suggested that we could make it rhyme.  it’s about the use of common spaces like the courtyard, the community room or the community kitchen and it applies to events or just casual use:

Follow the policy to the letter
and leave our spaces as you found them or better.
Do all within your powers
to make this happen in 24 hours.

if you want to read other agreements we have crafted you can check out our wiki page.  the content there and on this blog is released under a creative commons license so feel free to adopt and/or remix these policies if they fit the needs of your group or community.


2 thoughts on “One agreement, Twenty-seven Words

  1. our meetings will all be filled with frivolities
    if rhymes we incorporate into all our policies
    (though this practice may reveal its flaws
    in limited equity housing co-op by-laws)

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