Parking lot and garden update

Bananas blooming next door to the proposed garden

Bananas blooming next door to the proposed garden

About the parking lot / garden which was mentioned before, I am optomistic that LAUSD will adopt our version of the parking lot design.  Many of the potential hurdles have been cleared.  However, we still have not received an official confirmation.  When we do we intend to negotiate a Joint Use agreement between LAUSD and the Beverly-Vermont Community Land Trust (founded by ecovillagers).  Because the communication has been so positive about retaining the vacant lot for a horticultural project we are not alarmed by the preparations for converting the rest of the WHPPC site into a parking lot.  And we are glad to see LAUSD reusing as many of the current structures as possible.  Once the Joint Use Agreement is in place, we aspire to create something similar to the venice learning garden, which has operated for more than five years under such an agreement with LAUSD.


One thought on “Parking lot and garden update

  1. Thanks for the update on the parking lot.

    It sounds like we still need to put pressure on school district to finalize a design to our liking, and to get the joint use agreement done.

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