New Design for LAUSD Parking – with Garden!

Proposed Parking with Garden

Proposed Parking with Garden

Check out the new design above, done by architect Ian MacIlvaine of Tierra Sol y Mar, who sits on the board of the Cooperative Resources and Services Project (CRSP) which is the parent non-profit that started Los Angeles Eco-Village.  It shows the existing vacant lot at the northeast corner of Bimini Place and White House Place preserved and transformed into a keyhole garden.

Here’s a birds-eye aerial photo from Bing maps that shows the site more-or-less as it is today:

Existing Site

Existing Site

Below is the design that the school district is proposing.  There are 135 spaces and the project is going out to bid for $1-3 million… so that’s $7,400 to $22,200 per parking space. Providing free parking is a pretty topsy-turvy world, where the average parking space does cost more than the average car. For really great work on the myriad issues related to parking, see the work of Don Shoup.

LAUSD's Plan for the Corner Parking Lot

LAUSD's Plan for the Corner Parking Lot

Both of these designs have 134-135 parking spaces… which, in my opinion is still excessive for a school in the thick of a dense urban neighborhood… located two blocks from a subway station and adjacent to some of Metro’s most frequent bus lines.

We eco-village residents are pushing to preserve the corner area, for a garden, and to change the design of the parking lot, so that cars exit only onto First Street, and not directly into our neighborhood streets.  We’d, of course, prefer something other than a parking lot at that site (perhaps mixed-use housing), but at this point, we’re somewhat resigned that theere will be parking there, and we’re working to trim its worst excesses.  See this earlier post for more background on this latest round of Los Angeles Eco-Village negotations with the Los Angeles Unified School District. That post includes a letter you can write in support of preserving the corner lot as a garden.


5 thoughts on “New Design for LAUSD Parking – with Garden!

  1. I agree, it’s way too excessive. Metro is a much better idea. I’d love to see some of this money spent on teachers, classroom equipment, or any other item that would directly effect each student’s education.

  2. Ian MacIlvaine’s plan is brilliant – I don’t know how he managed to shoehorn the same number of spaces onto the site AND find room for a garden, but why wouldn’t they do this if they could? Of course it would make even more sense for the school to support use of public transportation by charging for parking and subsidizing alternatives, but I guess that’s wishful thinking….

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