burn 2008 – letting go

Burn 2008 Away

welcome to 2009. and welcome to the first post on the laecovillage blog.

saying goodbye to 2008, ms./mr. 2008 burned at midnight. with it, all the experiences we want to let go of, that we need to leave in the past, evaporated.

we had full bellies from the festive new year’s eve supah suppah/potluck. my father and i cooked some traditional japanese new year’s food. one of my favorites is ozoni, a delicious soup with toasted mochi, daikon radish, chicken (sorry not vegetarian), carrots, taro root, and chrysanthemum leaves. the daikon radishes are cut in hexagons to represent longevity as the shape imitates tortoise shell designs. it’s so good, i don’t know why i only make it once a year.

at midnight, while many were partying or sleeping, joe, julia, heather, angel, federico and i watched the cute cardboard figurine burn. in it, pieces of paper on which we wrote all the things we wanted to say goodbye to disintegrated into ash.

i know that the bush regime was on several of those pieces of paper. goodbye. good riddance.

happy 2009!


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