Food Lobby’s Jaime Farms in the news

people often ask me “where do the veggies come from?” when i talk excitedly about the delivery of abundant, locally grown, organic, affordable produce that gets sorted in our lobby for distribution every sunday. i say “Jaime Farms, a local farm”, but can’t say much more.  so i was happy to see that Jaime Farms’ co-owner Sotera Jaime, was featured in an LA Times article yesterday.  it doesn’t describe the farm itself so much, but adds a human face and credibility that the farm does exist and it is local.  if you want join the “food lobby” and partake in the volunteer-run sharing of healthy deliciousness, you can check out the food lobby website.


LA Times April 29, 2010

Sotera Jaime always has a lunch date

The co-owner of Jaime Farms is up before dawn to help out at one of the farms’ 20 or so farmers market stands. But she still finds time each day to make a hearty hot lunch for family, friends and employees.

By Jenn Garbee, Special to the Los Angeles Times

Sotera Jaime and her trusty 10-quart stainless steel stockpot have seen a lot of mileage over the years. As the matriarch of one of Southern California’s most popular farmers market families, almost every day Jaime cooks up a hearty hot lunch for an ever-changing cast of a couple dozen extended family members, farmhands and part-time sales employees.

The 61-year-old co-owner of Jaime Farms hits the road before dawn, driving from her home in Chino to one of the farm’s 20 or so farmers market stands, scattered across Southern California — at the Pasadena market on Tuesdays, to Santa Monica for the Wednesday market, even all the way out to Palm Springs on Saturday…  read full article here

a taste of Hardcore Punk

this really took me by surprise.   last weekend we had an event called Eco-Maya and some bands came over and played in our lobby.   it wasn’t organized by ecovillagers but some of us were very amused by the sudden and unexpected transformation of our normally tame space into a sort of mini venue.  there were several bands ranging from 50’s rock and roll to 80’s heavy metal.  and of course some punk and death metallish bands.  not everyone enjoyed the stacks of amplifiers vibrating the hell out of their apartments but a lot of people had a pretty good time.

Healing an Inner-City Neighborhood by Lois Arkin

Our dear Lois wrote this article in 1996, and although it is currently hosted at the “Fellowship for Intentional Community” website i decided to put it here as part of our hErstorical records.

Eco-Village is a state of mind. You think; you play around; you talk about and work on all these interactive systems; then other people join with you. And soon, it just jumps out at you — you start thinking in Eco-Village systems about everything.

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A visit from the San Francisco Equitable Pioneers Society

an excerpt:

So, for starters, what exactly is an “eco-village”? It brings to mind Swiss Family Robinson-style living. Drinking out of coconuts and living in trees. In reality, it’s different (though the vibe is similar). According to the Los Angeles Eco-Village website, an “eco-village” is “a human scale neighborhood where people know their neighbors and care about them. People can live close to where they work and play and have access to other essential services without use of automobiles. Together, neighbors try to minimize waste and pollution of all kinds. Residents and friends work together to create a healthy community socially, physically and economically.” So, like Swiss Family Robinson with a bunch of socialists? Hehe, not exactly. Let’s see for ourselves…

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Thank you sfpioneers!

Brian Watt visits our Eco-Village in L.A.

dead radio

So the radio to the left might be dead but Radio Radio is not.  Here is a piece produced by Brian Watts for the Tavis Smiley Show, which airs Friday nights on KPCC.  If you visit the site you can hear the streaming audio or you can download an mp3 (and this explains, partly why radio is not dead, yet).

It features a few local Eco villagers and it really is a nice little snapshot of current events.  You can hear our dear Lois saying things like “Cool and groovy” and Jimmy talking about the greywater bathtub he is building.

It’s not too long, enough to be done halfway through your lunch, and it’s optimistic enough that you may utter things like hurra! and yay! Although, remember, it’s just a snapshot and it couldn’t possibly tell the whole story.

Photoshow, Article and Sound by Daniel Doperalski

Here is an article about the L.A. Eco-Village titled An Eco-Village In The Urban Jungle. It features a nice black and white slide show with our own Lara talking about living here for the last 11 years.  I think it makes a good 900 word little window into our place.

If you want to see more media related to the L.A Eco-Village or and those who are related to us check out the media category on this blog.

LAEV Article at Shareable

Photo of LAEV's Bike Room - from Shareable

The website Shareable has a new article about Los Angeles Eco-Village. It’s by Danielle Davis, and the title is Happy Together? It features LAEV and another local intentional community called Synchronicity Los Angeles. Here’s an excerpt, go to Shareable for the full article

Living in community, while it may pose unique challenges, never fails to inspire. In fact, dreamed up and fleshed out projects are make the Eco-Village so charming. Like spokes of a bike wheel, everyone is contributing his or her own unique part to make the thing go.
There are also plenty of activities that spring up spontaneously. On a typical day residents may ride bikes together, take the subway to the farmers’ market, mulch, give a passerby starter plants, attend an event, or pick produce to make a salad before heading off to the potluck.
There, Joe recounts how “conversation goes from open-source mapping applications to permaculture to how we might build an outdoor oven.”
It reminded me of a college dorm in terms of aesthetic—the dimly lit hallways, community room complete with kitchen and mismatched furniture and a Nikki McClure print on the wall—and in terms of lifestyle. Joe concurs: “Maybe it’s a little like a college dormitory—or maybe a small town…. people know most of their neighbors and interact with them socially.”

Dateline LAEV: Greywater Article in CSMonitor

Laura Allen lays it down - Photo:

There’s a good greywater (or “gray water” ) article by Gloria Goodale in yesterday’s Christian Science Monitor online newspaper, entitled “Gray water’s grass roots.” It’s mostly about the 5-day training course that was taught at eco-village recently. The folks who taught the course were the Greywater Guerillas, er… now called Greywater Action, but still equally phenomenal people. Here’s an excerpt, follow the link for the full article:

Eco Village, near Koreatown, Los Angeles

If water is the next battleground for a globe facing dwindling water resources, then this 1960s-style community center at the northern end of Los Angeles’s Koreatown is at the forefront of the fight.

On this day, Laura Allen, cofounder of Greywater Action, a group that encourages conserving and reusing household water, is in her fourth of a five-day workshop teaching Californians how to reclaim and recycle what has been dubbed “gray water.” Typically, gray water includes the discharge from washing machines, sinks, showers, and tubs, which is then used to provide moisture for outdoor plants, from backyard rosebushes to large orchards.

While progress has been made – many institutions, corporations, and municipalities around the world use gray water – activists say there’s still a long way to go. And it’s groups such as Greywater Action that are helping to drive change.

For earlier ecovillage greywater coverage see this article and these videos.

Diane Meyer Photo Show – Featuring Lots of Eco-Villagers

Eco-Villager Melba Thorne at the Wilshire/Vermont Metro Red Line Station. All photos: Diane Meyer

Eco-Villager Melba Thorn at the Wilshire/Vermont Metro Red Line Station. All photos: Diane Meyer

Diane Meyer’s photography show Without a Car in the World: 100 Car-less Angelinos Tell Stories of Living in Los Angeles runs October 17th through December 11th. It’s at the 18th Street Art Center, which is located at 1639 18th Street, in Santa Monica. The opening reception is this Saturday October 17th from 7pm to 10pm.

Diane Meyer photographed 100 L.A. people none of whom own a car. These include various LAEV residents: Esfandiar, Lois, Melba, Ron, and me. Melba is featured prominently on the invitation above. There’s a longer write-up on the show at L.A. StreetsBlog here. Come down to the opening this Saturday night.

Lois Arkin in the LAEV bike room. The door to the right of her is the kitchen where the Bicycle Kitchen got its start.

Lois Arkin in the LAEV bike room. The door to the right of her is the kitchen where the Bicycle Kitchen got its start.

Ron Milam in the LAEV courtyard

Ron Milam in the LAEV courtyard

Esfandiar Abbasi in front of the LAEV chicken coop.

Esfandiar Abbasi in front of the LAEV chicken coop.

Eco-Village Photo at L.A. Streetsblog

Check out the great photo of eco-village on L.A. Streetsblog this morning. Its a great image of eco-village  founder and leader Lois Arkin with the Los Angeles City Department of City Planning’s Emily Gabel Luddy. The article (actually mostly an audio piece) isn’t actually about eco-village, but about the excellent work being done by Gabel Luddy and her colleague through the planning department’s Urban Design Studio.

This week: TV Appearance and Sustainability Talk

Federico and Yuki's sign appearing on network news, click to view

Federico and Yuki's eco-village sign appearing on network news, click to view

Los Angeles Eco-Village appeared briefly on yesterday’s network news (6pm KABC Channel 7), in coveage of California’s changing greywater laws. Click here for an earlier longer blog entry on one of our washing machine greywater systems. The TV clip focuses more on complicated high-tech high-cost systems… but it does show the equally dependable low-tech low-cost unpermitted Greywater Guerrillas style system near the end.

Unrelated but also this week: on Friday night, eco-village hosts a talk by longtime eco-village architects and leaders Ian MacIlvaine and Victoria Yust of Tierra Sol y Mar.  The free talk and slide show entitled “Old Ideas that should be new again…and other dreams for L.A.” will be Friday, July 31, 2009 at 7:30 pm at L.A. Eco-Village. As shown in this earlier post, Ian’s design work has been critical in our negotiations with the Los Angeles Unified School District.

Celebrating Angel and His Coffee

Roast Baby Roast! Angel - photo by Jessica Ritz from LA Weekly website

Roast Baby Roast! Angel Orozco - photo by Jessica Ritz from LA Weekly website

This week’s L.A. Weekly features eco-village’s own coffee roaster, the “thoughtful goateed 34-year old” Angel Orozco and his Cafecito Organico business.  Try out his “stimulus package” at the Silver Lake Farmers Market, Saturdays 8am to 1pm at the triangle mini-park where Griffith Park Boulevard meets Sunset Boulevard.

Click here or on the photo to read the full article!